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Cemetery Committee:

This is a rotating committee appointed by the Board of Deacons with Sessional approval to provide guidance in the matter of the business arrangements of the cemeteries.  This committee consists of three members serving five year terms on a rotating basis.   This committee oversees the sale of lots, the placing of graves, and the placing of markers.  It is responsible for keeping a permanent record of burials in the church cemeteries. The duties of the Cemetery Committee are to see that all rules and regulations relative to the cemeteries and their use are observed and it shall be their duty, together with Deacons, to enforce same, to handle the sale of all cemetery lots, to see that the cemeteries are kept in good order in cooperation with the Church grounds Committee, and to authorize opening of all graves upon notice of an undertaker or person desiring grave to be opened.

Christian Education Committee:

This is the one permanent committee of the Session that uses persons outside the Session itself. It is a large committee, and to it is entrusted a large portion of the total work of the church. This committee is responsible for the entire teaching program of the church and church school.  This includes the selection of curriculum, appointments of teachers and youth workers, Communicants’ Class, youth work of all kinds, program for servicemen, visual aids for all groups, summer recreational programs, housing and equipping the church school, just to mention a few.Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee:

The Personnel Committee is a standing committee of the Session responsible for the oversight and administration of the church Personnel Policy Manual, assisting the various committees of the church with the hiring of new church employees, or the termination of current employees as deemed necessary.  This committee is also responsible for changes and/or revisions to the Personnel Policy Manual and should review on a periodic basis.  This committee supervises the Church Secretary as a direct employee.Program Committee

The Program Committee:

The Program Committee is a standing committee of the Session with the responsibility of coordinating certain church programs. The committee will work with the Pisgah Day School Director to insure the program is operating within its guidelines. The committee is coordinator of the midweek program including the dates of the fall and winter sessions, of securing Panhandlers, and also to work with the Minister and D.C.E. on certain programs for midweek such as Bible study and visiting speakers. The committee will provide coordination and oversight for the scouting programs that meet at Pisgah.
Sports Committee (Sub-committee of Program Committee) – This sub-committee is responsible for the coordination and oversight of all activities related to the use of the Family Life Outreach Center.Stewardship/Evangelism Committee


The finances are the special care of the Board of Deacons but in the Presbyterian system, the ultimate decisions rest with the Session even on financial matters.  It is practical then to have a committee who works with the Board of Deacons on these matters.  The Stewardship Committee confers with the Board of Deacons on matters relating to finance; helps with the planning of the annual budget; helps the Board of Deacons to determine and execute the plans of receiving commitment pledges through the every member Canvass; serves as a liaison between the Session and the Board of Deacons; and generally gives any assistance necessary.

Evangelism/Spiritual Care:

Reach out to the community and the world, receiving new members and caring for them as they become a part of the church fellowship; work to direct the evangelistic efforts of the congregation and watch over and care for those brought into the fellowship; plan and oversee the church visitation program of new members, of visitors who attend church services, and encourage members to visit the sick and comfort the bereaved; encourage church attendance by personal welcome, attend worship services, and encourage inactive members to return to the fellowship of Christian believers; encourage new members into the work of the church and introduce them to programs and activities of the church; oversee the church visitation program from the Undershepherd Rosters and encourage visitation by church members; advertise special services and special programs of the church, denominational publications, and to generally promote an atmosphere for each member to be used as an instrument in extending God’s Kingdom.

Worship Committee

The Worship Committee is the Session’s committee responsible for the conduct of the worship services.  The committee plans for general worship of the congregation, and has under its care the use of God’s house for all occasions; helps to develop the prayer life of the congregation; encourages the use of the family altar; provides for the use of sacraments in worship services; cares for the sacramental objects, communion service, baptismal cup, etc.; supplies the pulpit with preaching in the absence of the minister; provides for preaching during special services; appoints ushers; and has oversight of the service.


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