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Church Government

The Session:

There were elders of the people for the government of the Old testament Church.  Likewise in the New Testament Church, besides the apostles and the ministers, there were elders who ruled.  To the office of ruling elder shall be chosen men of wisdom, discretion, sound faith and Godly life, and who are qualified under the standards recorded in Scripture. Ruling elders are chosen by the voting members of the congregation and are their immediate representatives.  together with the ministers, they exercise government and discipline.  They oversee the spiritual interests both of the particular congregation and of the Church generally when appointed to represent the congregation in the higher courts.  In all the courts of the Church ruling elders possess the same authority and the same eligibility to office as ministers. It is the responsibility of ruling elders, both individually and jointly, to guard and promote the spiritual welfare of the congregation.  They are required by their office to visit the people, especially the sick, and pray with them, to comfort the sorrowing, encourage the weak, guide the wayward and the careless, and in general, to discharge all other duties in Christian love.  Although ruling elders do represent congregations by election, they are to seek the will of God in all church court decisions.

The Board of Deacons:

The office of Deacon as set forth in Scripture is one of sympathy and service after the example of Christ.  To this office should be chosen members of good character, honest repute, exemplary life, brotherly love, sympathetic nature, and sound judgment, and who are qualified under the standards recorded in Scripture.  It is the duty of a Deacon to be a faithful and diligent Christian, actively sharing in the worship and service of the Church and giving particular emphasis to the duties of his office.   The Diaconate shall be responsible for the congregations ministry to those in material need or distress.   It shall also encourage practice of total stewardship among the members of the congregation.  It shall plan, in collaboration with the Session, the causes toward which the offerings of the congregation shall be directed; devise effective methods for securing and receiving these offerings; secure and receive special offerings as directed by the session and the higher courts of the Church; and see that all offerings are properly distributed.  It shall have the care of the general property of the congregation, both real and personal.  In construction, or alteration of church property, consent of the congregation is required.

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